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Specialty Cleaning

Commercial / Corporate

Working in office buildings throughout Northeast PA, Wilkes-Barre Window Cleaning serves corporations, insurance offices, financial institutions, religious institutions, medical offices, schools and property managers.  Our customers recognize the value of their buildings and rely on Wilkes-Barre Window Cleaning's quality service to maintain, preserve and enhance those valuable assets.


Wilkes-Barre Window Cleaning’s rapidly expanding portfolio of education customers is no surprise.  Our insight into the needs of educational institutions comes from over a century of experience at schools across Northeast PA.  We create the most appropriate, customized solution to meet your needs.  Allowing Wilkes-Barre Window Cleaning to provide our customized janitorial services adds up to more efficient, more effective and more reliable ways to maintain your classrooms, residence halls and campus.


Wilkes-Barre Window Cleaning’s demonstrated expertise within the big box, national, regional and local retailers, is incomparable.  The demands of the high traffic retail environment require a provider that can meet these day-to-day challenges as well as the emergency needs that commonly arise.  We are the one-stop provider for all of your janitorial needs.

Public Venue

One of the most difficult challenges is providing janitorial services to public venues and we do an exceptional job.  Whether you need to build and maintain a one-of-a-kind museum display or hold back-to-back events that require a quick turnaround, Wilkes-Barre Window Cleaning has the operational expertise to meet the scrutiny of your toughest critics.

Financial Institutions

Whether it’s servicing corporate headquarters or regional bank branches, Wilkes-Barre Window Cleaning has uniquely tailored solutions specifically designed to meet the individual client’s needs.